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  • Where do I get Business Builderz and how much does it cost?
    Business Builderz is available on your Google Play and Apple store platforms. The cost is FREE to download. We also offer subscription packages of $5.99/ month or $65/ year which include consulting services.
  • What does the app do?
    Business Builderz is designed to assist entrepreneurs, educators, seasoned consultants create business plans for the foundation of their entrepreneurial activities. While using it, this app directs the user to the right activity level, gives definitions of vocabulary, and makes suggestions of which template is best to use based on activity. In addition, the app provides community resources and consulting services for additional fees. The app is continuously being developed and future versions of Business Builderz will continue to support the entrepreneurial process.
  • Can I sign up for consulting services?
    ABSOLUTELY! We are here to help all levels of entrepreneurs. If you would like to schedule a consultation service please add it to your BB cart and we will be happy to discuss your goals.
  • How do I leave feedback about the app?
    You can leave feedback via our website. Click on the connect tab at the top, scroll down to the bottom and fill out the form. ​ You can also subscribe to our network to leave feedback, receive updates and information about us.
  • Can I tell my friends about Business Builderz?
    ABSOLUTELY! We would love for you to support us in that way. Our goal is to help as many individuals and businesses with their needs. Follow us on Instagram @baumtech Facebook Baumtech Twitter X @baumtech1
  • Can I use Business Builderz for my industry specific business?
    Absolutely ! Business Builderz can be used for many industry specific areas such as Hair business Car detailing Barbering Crafts/ hobbies Catering Make up Fashion Auto shop etc!
  • Can Business Builderz help me make my "side hustle" into a business?
    Yes it can! Business Builderz was designed to help new entrepreneurs gain financial freedom by guiding users, step by step, through questions, templates, and even vocabulary to make extra money with their business.
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