Help Center

What does the app do?

System Sculptor is designed to assist entrepreneurs, educators, seasoned consultants create activity diagrams for their entrepreneurial activities.  While using it, this app gathers information to make suggestions of which template is best based on industry and activity.
The app is continuiously being developed and future versions of System Sculptor will generate questions to guide entrepreneurs through the process of buidling a foundation for their ideas.

Where do I get Business Builder and how much does it cost?

Business Builder is available on your Google Play and Apple store platforms. 


The cost is FREE to download. 


We also offer subscription packages of $5.99/ month or $65/ year.

How do I leave feedback about the app?

You can leave feedback via our website.  Click on the connect tab at the top, scroll down to the bottom and fill out the form.

You can also subscribe to our network to leave feedback, receive updates and information about us.

Can I tell my friends about System Sculptor?

ABSOLUTELY!  We would love for you to support us in that way. Our goal is to help as many individuals and businesses with their needs.