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"How Business Builderz Became My Answered Prayer: Navigating Entrepreneurship, Gratitude, and Growth"

I am sitting here making preparations for marketing the new and improved Business Builderz App and I realize that in owning and managing a business, it just does not stop.  There is ALWAYS something to do.  I suppose that is true of any business, but as someone just establishing a business and/or renewing their product, it takes a lot of time and energy to make things happen for your successful business.  I recently saw a clip of Jay - Z saying something to the effect, “everyone wants to emulate the final result, but no one knows the work that goes into getting there.”  Even on a PT basis, where you work a full time job and you are hustlin your dream “on the side” there is a lot that must be done.

In this process I have been praying for a partner to help offset the load of administrative things that need to be done. I know I need a business plan, financial management tool and a CRM to help with invoices etc. Doing that research and thinking about what will be best for my company can be overwhelming.  In putting my business foundation together, I’m constantly putting KPI’s and strategies together so I am prepared for the launch in October.  Reading and researching to understand the analytics for my business operations is tedious work.  And there is always marketing, marketing, marketing! Establishing a business means bringing the pieces together of my paid marketing plan, and creating social media/ website content, SEO and the such.  Trying to understand the plan components because this will be the bulk of my outreach for customers.  I’m thinking of how to engage investors and partners and obtain sponsorships for my app.  I’m managing and tracking the money prior to being able to afford a financial management tool monthly.  It’s a lot. In my days and nights, utilizing my entrepreneurial skills, pulling these things out of my head, writing them down on papers and in the drive and on word documents, I dream of when this will be my only gig and new businesses come to me for help.  So when I get overwhelmed and I pray for a partner, I suddenly realize God has already answered my prayers… and I am GRATEFUL.

I asked for a partner to help with the administrative work, but I got a CTO to help with the technical work.  Sometimes He doesn’t give you what you want, but gives you what you need… and I am GRATEFUL.  The success of this app is not going to be just  in the administrative work (which I CAN do) it’s going to be a combination of the technical (which I CAN NOT do) and the administrative.  I never thought to ask God for a technical partner, I just know I needed help with the management of this app.  As a non technical founder, I’m thinking the technical will run automatically like all technical things do, but it’s when things do not run automatically or get bugs, etc is when the technical becomes daunting.  In the three years of trying to make a growing business, I understand the need for a technical founder.  Mt CTO is the most awesome, pumped up, and supportive person I could have ever asked for.  They have helped me expand the vision for Business Builderz development tool to help new entrepreneurs in a way I had not thought of.  When I sit back and I talk to God about how this admin thing is a lot, I wish I had a partner, I remember, I do have a partner and I become GRATEFUL for them.  

With the addition of a new partner I am able to relaunch my Business Builderz app.  They say the third time is the charm.  Since the addition of the CTO we have been able to bring the vision to life and without too many delays.  As I am writing this blog, development is moving forward to add a new structure and several upgrades to the app.  If I can boast for a minute, moving from a large conglomerate company to a more community based company has made all the difference in the world.  For those of you interested in developing an app, my next two blogs talk about being a nontechnical founder and the challenges that go along with that.  At any rate, the plan is to launch again at the end of October and with the new CTO in place, I don’t see why that should not happen.  With the previous two launches, I did not market it too heavily, because I was not confident in the product that was being produced.  There were too many delays and lags in development where the beta users I recruited were not even able to get into the app without too much hassle.  They say you only get one shot to make a good impression and I did not want to waste mine with a product I was not sure of.  All of that has changed now.  I am 100% confident in this new product. I can not wait for the launch, and the plan is to sing it from the mountaintops; with contacting influencers, posting on our social media pages (@baumtech) and using keywords for that SEO (Business plans, Business plan components, etc) that this is the best development tool for new entrepreneurs available in the Apple store and on Google Play….. And again I am GRATEFUL for this new launch. 

So here’s my call to action, if you have tried us before, give us another shot. I know you will be pleasantly surprised at our changes.  If you have not tried us before, try us out to see how we can assist you or anyone you know in building the foundation of your business.  Share with your friends, families, sororities, fraternities, churches, synagogues, and mosques. This app has been built for the people.  The people who have ideas, but don’t know where to start.  It has been designed for the people who need it to be simple and it has a guide that answers your questions along the way.  Business Builderz is the solution for visionaries preparing for the future of business…. And for that I am GRATEFUL.

As always, building the skillz…

Baumtech visionary  


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